Complete Visa Solution

In this service, a Registered Migration Agent (RMA) will look into your profile and advice you the best way forward for your desired visa. A Registered Migration Agent (RMA) will discuss your case and prepare a list of documents that you will need to achieve your desired visa. RMA will also act on your behalf with various organisations to secure the required documents and prepare a valid visa application for you and all other visa applicants. With that, RMA will also represent your application to Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) and answer any queries to the department regarding your application. For smooth process you can access to RMA through Telephone and online tools.

“Complete Visa Solution” will involve following steps in the order mentioned below.

Step 1

Online Assessment: You need to fill the online assessment form. The result of this assessment will be reviewed by a Registered Migration Agent with you (online, Video Conference, Telephone or in-person) for initial assessment. The objective of this assessment is to ensure that you have selected the most suitable visa for your situation.

Step 2

Detail Assessment: This is a follow up of initial assessment. The objective of this assessment is to go through with each of the document and visa eligibility requirement with you, so that no possibility or issue left unaddressed. In this step RMA will advise you about all the documents and timeline that you will have to provide for making a decision ready application.

Step 3

Application Preparation: In this step RMA will prepare your visa application along with all required documents that should be submitted with your visa application. RMA may consult you about any remain document or issue before finalising your visa application.

Step 4

Submission & Decision: Once step 3 completed, RMA will submit your visa application to authorities on your behalf. RMA will represent you to these authorities and handle all communication and issues with them until a decision on the application is made.