More occupations qualified for independent migration

As an immigration expert, this news is welcome news for us as it implies that more individuals that we see will have admittance to an independent skilled visa and nobody will miss out as all other current occupations have stayed on the SOL.

In real certainty, the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) has been wonderfully steady since first being created by the Department back in May 2010. Later, we will be doing a catch up web journal on the historical backdrop of the SOL and why not having an occupation on the SOL is not the apocalypse for a proposing migrant so watch this space!
The proclamation had been made by the Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection that Chefs, Bricklayers and Wall and Floor Tilers will be added to the Skilled Occupation List from July 1 to straightforwardness abilities deficiencies in these occupations in Australia, and that no occupations were going to be taken off the current gifted occupations rundown.
The skilled occupations list is focused around the info Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency (AWPA) which works autonomously of the legislature to give yearly suggestions on the piece of the SOL to guarantee it reacts to Australia's changing ability needs.

The motivation behind why bricklayers and tilers have been added to the schedule is a direct result of an expand sought after anticipated for these occupations and a decline in apprenticeship consummations.

Concerning cooks, this occupation has been added to the gifted occupations rundown because of a lack of culinary specialists coupled with solid development anticipated in the bistro and restaurant division.

No current occupations are constantly expelled from the SOL, which at present records 188 occupations that Australia needs. This implies that there will be 191 occupations on the SOL in the 2014-15 movement years.
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