Explain Medical Visa

Australia has an excellent steadiness in a public healthcare (Medicare) and a private healthcare sector. According to recent reports; the Australian medical market ranks 13th in the world. Being a booming healthcare industry, Australia has a large demand of medical practitioners and nurses.

To see the demand of GPs in Australia, many Medical Practitioners are interested to move for better opportunities and career growth.

In Australia, GPs have a key role in the rural and public health system. In rural areas, GPs provide special services like small surgeries, obstetrics care, anesthesia services and even trauma management, because of dearth of medical practitioners in remote areas.

With Doctors, Nurses are also highly in demand in Australia with openings for temporary and permanent basis, and the numbers are expected to increase in the next 10 years. Nurses perform various tasks simultaneously In Australia. They have to provide technical nursing care and physical support for patients. Experienced nurses can assist doctors in surgeries and therapies also. In the areas of specialization nursing practice include aged/care, critical care, mental health; community health etc.

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Requirements for Practice as GP in Australia

First step: Skill recognition (Identify registration pathway, verify your medical qualifications, meet English language requirements)

Second Step: If you already have a job applies to AHPRA. If you don't have a job offer contact RWA (Rural workforce Agency) to find a job. Once you accept the job offer, register yourself to AHPRA then follow step 3.

Third Step: Apply to DIAC for a visa

Fourth Step: Relocate

Requirements for Practice as Nurse in Australia

First Sep: To work in Australia nurses need to register in AHPRA (nursing regulatory body)
Second Step: Sponsorships and Interviews
Third Step: Apply to DIAC for a visa
Fourth Step: Relocate

Benefits to work in Australia as GP and Nurse

  • Work Exposure
  • Flexible working hours
  • High standard of living
  • Workplace structure
  • Job opportunities
  • Ongoing professional development