Explain Work Visa

A strong economy and a demand for skilled workers and professionals, record numbers of people are seeking Australia Work Visas. To see this, the Australian government stated they wanted to be tougher in immigration. This means the skills shortage list for Australia will no doubt be very short indeed!

Work Visa is applicable for those applicants who have a skilled occupation but not having an employer to sponsor them in Australia. There are different types of Skilled Visas for Australia. It is important to understand each visa properly before applying. If you do not understand the skilled visas properly it can be very perplexing to establish the suitable visa for your particular situation because there are a various choices and eligibility factors to consider. Like some skilled visas have state government sponsorship, some visas are eligible only for those who have studied in Australian universities; and some have a 'points test' and need lodgment of an Expression of Interest (EOI).


You are eligible for this particular visa if you are a skilled professional or graduate student from Australian University or an experienced trade person.


  • The candidate must be between 18 and 50 years.
  • Hold valid passport
  • Proficient in English to communicate well at work premises. For this the applicant must pass the ILETS exam with minimum 6 to 7 in each band.
  • You should have some experience in your trade and profession.
  • You should have some qualification in subsequent trade.


  • Handsome Salary
  • Equality in work premises
  • Family can also migrate to Australia
  • Free medical services available for certain visa holders
  • You can sponsor someone also
  • Good lifestyle
  • Better Environment
  • Suitable working conditions

How to establish eligibility for skilled visa

Use online Assessment tool to establish your eligibility for work visa.…….