Student Visa Australia.

Australia offers a high level of quality education at affordable rates as compare to other countries.

Australia offers a high level of quality education at affordable rates as compared to other countries. The Student Visa is for such students who wish to be a part of the Australian Education system. This is valid till the duration of the course. After completing the course, you have to leave the country by the date specified on your visa.
Australian Universities are filled with hundreds of courses but to choose the right one is the toughest task. For this use qualified Registered Migration Agent who understands your need and help to know you about the long term impact of your study in Australia. At Australia students will experience the unique kind of learning style that encourages modernism and independent thinking.

The process of Student visa can also be intricate, like some Student Visas can be  lodged online; some require proof of funds; and some have different requirements for family members depending on your situation.
Above that after completing degree graduate students can consider for the Skilled Graduate Visa which lead to Permanent Residency in Australia.

Student Visa Conditions

  • The students have to pursue a consistent study program that is accepted by the Australian government.
  • Students holding student visa can work without any additional permission.
  • Students need to fulfill all the necessities of the study program.
  • Students have to sustain a valid enrolment
  • Students are not permitted to work for more than 20 hours a week during their semester time, except any circumstances.
  • After expires the visa, students are not allowed to stay in Australia, unless it is an extremely critical situation.
  • Every student has to maintain their OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) all the time in Australia.

Student Visa Requirements

The applicants must meet the following requirement before applying for a Student Visa

  • Select a registered course by an Australian university
  • Full time course
  • English proficiency
  • Must be in good health and character