Work Visa Process

Australia is highly in demand by skilled young people because of its strong economy and opportunities available in the country. The Skilled migrants who are wishing to work in Australia will be assessed on a points based system. These points are awarded for qualification, work experience and language proficiency. The points test is a translucent and objective method of selecting skilled migrants with the attributes and skills required in Australia. The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship has the authority to set the pass marks for the points test. The candidate needs at least 60 points to be qualified for any visa that is subject to a points test.

How Aus-Visa work in all this process?

  • General enquiry
  • RMA Consultation
  • Service level Agreement
  • Service Delivery

General Enquiry

The very first step of Aus-Visa is to done general inquiry of a candidate. Under this process we check candidate's eligibility for particular visa. Our team will ask questions about candidate's education, previous work experience, age and nationality without any submission of documents.

RMA Consultation

Once the candidate's eligibility establish, we book a consultation with our RMA through Skype. In this discussion, RMA will discuss your case with you. They will tell you about the Australian working system, their point test system to check your eligibility or any additional document which you need to attach with your application.

Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement is a contract between the Aus-Visa and a customer. An SLA will contain a specified level of service, enforcement, support or penalty provisions for services not provided. It introduces the topic and explains the key clauses, including:
  • fees and expenses
  • customer expectations
  • service definition
  • problem management
  • performance tracking
  • termination
  • warranties and remedies
  • security
  • legal compliance

And of course many other issues.

Service Delivery

The delivery of service will vary according to the candidate's circumstances.