Explain Travel Visa

This is for people to visit the country temporary for a holiday, leisure or to visit friends, relatives or for other non work purpose. Tourist Visa is valid up to 1 year and allows applicant multiple entries up to three months. For shorter visits, Australian Immigration department offers an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visa which takes out the need for application forms and offers a smoother route to visiting Australia.

Extending your stay
If you want to extend your stay in Australia for recreational purposes, visit friends and family or tourism you are required to obtain another visa; Visitor visa.

Normally, a holder of a Working Holiday visa or Visitor visa can only extend their stay in Australia so that the total duration of their stay is one year or less, unless some exceptional circumstances.


  • all valid Passport holders
  • applicant should outside Australia when they apply to visit Australia
  • want to extend a stay as a visitor
  • want to visit Australia for business purposes, holiday or visit friends without any sponsorship


  • have enough funds to cover the trip
  • meet health requirements
  • meet character requirements
  • have an "incentive to return"
  • invitation letter

Apply now

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