Student Handbook


This Hand book is particularly useful for people who are interested to come to Australia for studies. It explains the advantages, process, things to know about to make sure that you make an informed decision when begin the process of this Important change in your career and Life. These kind of radical and important steps have bearing on your life and career therefore It is important that you know what you would face and what you should be ready while making this decision. It also lists all possible help that you may have from us. So Let us understand each of the phase of this process and what you should do to make sure that you would achieve the best of possible results.

Study Planning

Study Planning is as important step for a successful International career as it can get. You must know what you would like to study and what kind of Career does that field of education offers. You should know the type of qualification (i.e Degree, Diploma or certificate) that you would like to have and equally important the contents of that qualification. When would that course be offered and when would the entry in the course be possible since not all Institutes and courses are offered in all semesters so there can be a waiting period. You can search for all the courses on offer in Australia at here.

You can also take a detail look at factors that should be considered while making your study plan, here .

Course Selection

By giving due considering all the factors mentioned in first step (Study Planning) you should select the course that you would like to study in Australia. There are around 12000/- Registered course for international students so once you decided the level of qualification and area of study, selecting a course of your choice should not be hard. But there are number of things that you should keep in mind while selecting the course that you would like to get enrolled in.

You can also take a detail look at factors that should be considered while selecting a course for enrolment, here.

Application for Admission

This is a very important step in this process. You must choose your Course provider with utmost consideration and diligence. Since not just you will be spending a good amount of money on your course but also your entire career will be dependent on this qualification so you must be sure that the course contents, Education Provider Location, Services etc. are all in line of your future goals in this stream.

You can also take a detail look at factors and steps that should consider when make a course admission application, here.

Appling for Visa

This is the last step in the process and one of the most crucial one too. You will require making a visa application to department of immigration to get permission to come to Australia to study. Depending upon your country of passport, the Course selected, duration of study and people who will accompany you to your Trip to Australia; you will have to satisfy various requirements in order to secure your student visa. You can get more detailed and specific Information about Student visa

You will also get a personalized check list of various documents and visa requirements from your Case Manager when you come down for face to face session at one of Our Office.

Arrival in Australia

When you arrive in Australia, you will find yourself in completely different world without any friends, relatives and other known people. You will be required to support yourself and provide for your day to day needs other then you will have to study fulltime to meet your career aspirations and visa requirements. Therefore it is necessary that you make advance arrangements for your accommodations and other daily needs. You can have more detailed information about your day to day requirements in Australia.